Our latest consumer healthcare product is Globifer Forte® - a new Haem and Non-Heam Iron Food Supplement

A Dual acting Iron Supplement. Haem Iron for minimal gastro intestinal side effects and excellent iron absorption

  • dual acting iron supplement
  • for people who have experienced difficulty in tolerating oral iron tablets due to GI side effects and constipation
  • contains haem iron … excellent absorption  and  highly bioavailable
  • single tablet which can be taken with food or without food

“GlobiFer Forte® contains haem iron, which offers greater iron absorption without the unwanted side effects of traditional iron supplements.”
Dr T Iqbal . Consultant Gastroenrologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

“ I would recommend GlobiFer Forte® as a more natural way than high dose ferrous iron tablets to get the iron that you need.”
Dr Ivor Cavill, Department of Haematology, University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff.